Yesspeak. 2003.

  • Director: Robert Garofalo
  • Duration: 169 minutes
  • Genre: documentary
Synopsis: Chronicle of the legendary English band "Yes", where their story is depicted through interviews of the five members. 'Yesspeak' also includes live performances where they play their best songs that were recorded during the tour in 2003 to commemorate the bands 35th anniversary. The documentary is narrated by Roger Daltrey, lead singer of 'The Who'.


Documentary about the famous English progressive rock band Yes, formed in 1968. The project includes abundant footage, fragments of the Europe tour that the group held to celebrate its 35th anniversary and interviews with members of the band.

One of these interviews was recorded in Ibiza with the appearance of the bassist Chris Squire in a house in the town of Sant Antoni de Portmany. The scene was filmed in the summer of 2003. After their last concert of the tour in Madrid Patio Central Cuartel Conde Duque, Chris Squire spent a few days on the island, where his parents and sister live.

Yes is one of the most important rock groups who are known for their virtuosity. Throughout their history, the band has gone through several members. In addition to Chris Squire in ‘Yesspeak’, singer Jon Anderson, guitarist Steve Howe, keyboardist Rick Wakeman and drummer Alan White also appear, the so-called classic formation of the group.

The documentary, released on a 2-disc DVD, was premiered in English cinemas in late November 2003 and in the US in January 2004. Later on, an extended version was released, titled “Yesspeak Live: The Director’s-Cut” (2004), with more footage of live shows.

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of the production company Filmótica.




  • Producer Classic Pictures Entertainment (England)
  • Director Robert Garofalo
  • Photography Steve “Fudge” Padwick, Lawrence Sweeting, Stephen Brind, Michael Carney, Ron Conley, Frank Hodge, Derek Gruszeckyj y Howard Badger
  • Edition Will Prince y Phil Hedgecock
  • Music Yes
  • Sound designer Jim Hurst, Ken Kidston y Andrew Tulloch
  • Casting Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman, Alan White y Roger Daltrey (voz en off)