Un homme, un vrai

Un homme, un vrai. 2003.

  • Director: Arnaud Larrieu and Jean-Marie Larrieu
  • Duration: 96 minutes
  • Genre: comedy
Synopsis: Boris, a shy computer guy who dreams of becoming a filmmaker, and Marilyne, a French executive, declare eternal love. Five years later, their relationship goes through some rough times and leave to Ibiza with their children so that Marilyne can close up a deal. Once on the island, Boris thinks about leaving her, but Marilyne disappears after experiencing a lesbian encounter. However, five years later, the two meet again in the Pyrenees, where she guiding a group of hikers.


‘Un homme, un vrai’ is a French production directed by the Larrieu brothers, which narrates three moments in the relationship of two characters emotionally united: The meeting in Paris, the separation in Ibiza and their reunion in the Pyrenees. The scenes on the island were filmed in April 2002 and include pictures of the airport, off the coast of Sant Josep and a luxurious mansion in Sant Miquel. According to the plot, Ibiza is the place where the couple separate and where they have sex with other characters of the same sex. The defiant image of the island influenced the directors to set this part of history in it.

During the Ibizan fragments in ‘Un homme, un vrai’, actor and theater director from Málaga, Antonio Cantos (based in Ibiza), was involved as a lawyer and a transvestite. As the actor recalls, this dual characterization was because the person who had to play the character of the transvestite did not show up the day of shooting, so the directors offered him to also perform that role.

Antonio Cantos also took part in another production filmed on the island, ‘Welcome 2 Ibiza’ (2001). This film was directed by David Winters, choreographer of several films starring Elvis Presley.

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of the production company Filmótica.


Entrevista de Enrique Villalonga a Antonio Cantos. 28 de abril de 2015.



  • Producer Les Films Pelléas, France 3 Cinéma, Haut et Court, Gimages Développement, Gimages 6 y Sofinergie 5 (France)
  • Director Arnaud Larrieu and Jean-Marie Larrieu
  • Photography Christophe Beaucarne
  • Art Direction Brigitte Brassart
  • Edition Annette Dutertre
  • Music Philippe Katerine
  • Sound designer Olivier Mauvezin
  • Casting Mathieu Amalric, Hélène Fillières, Pierre Pellet, Philippe Suner, Daniel Cohen, Silvie Laguna, Jocelyne Desverchère, Cécile Reigher, Eva Ionesco, Aitana Sánchéz-Gijón, Antonio Cantos, Scott Burgess, Santiago Iglesias Vergara, Marie-Pierre Chaix, Christophe Paou, Electra Weston, Pia Camilla Copper, Marjane Pliot, Dalil Pliot, Michel Piccoli y Christophe Kantcheff