Te quiero Mari

Te quiero Mari. 2010.

  • Director: José Luis Mir
  • Duration: 18 minutes
  • Genre: comedy
Synopsis: Manu, Toni and Richard are three born losers. Richard unemployed and about to marry. Toni and Manu have bachelor party in store for Richard in which nothing will happen as planned.


‘Te quiero Mari’ has a solid script and a very well spiced plot, which makes this film one of the best ones from Joseph L. Mir. A great piece of work, which was awarded in the Mostra of Festes de Sant Bartomeu Curts 2010, with the Incortum award to Best Short Film and also the Audience Award.

Commentary written by Juan Marí Susierra, from the production company Incortum.



  • Producer Deunoscuantos Producciones (Spain)
  • Director José Luis Mir
  • Photography Jaime Marí
  • Edition Manolo Malone
  • Sound designer Toni Cardona
  • Casting Juanjo Ribera, Enrique Sánchez, Juanjo Roig, Lorena López, Eduardo Rosa, Martín Quintero, Jon Arriagada, Mercé Pellicer, Viky Roldan, Pepita Costa, Ana Zaragoza, Raquel Flores y Juan Colomar