Pura vida Ibiza

Pura vida Ibiza. 2004.

  • Director: Gernot Roll
  • Duration: 89 minutes
  • Genre: comedy
Synopsis: Three friends; Ben, Nick and Felix have just graduated, and decide to go to Ibiza. In order to stay on the island, the three friends get jobs as tourist entertainers in a hotel, where they are exploited by their boss. Coincidentally, Ben meets Carola in Ibiza, an old lover who is now dating famous DJ Kool. With the help of his friends, Ben will try to win back Carola, resulting into the most unusual situations.


Comedy set in the world of holiday clubs. The film was shot in Munich and Ibiza in 2003. Filming on the island began on August 25 and in one month scenes in Es Canar, Es Figueral, Sant Antoni, Sant Agusti, Sant Jordi Vila, among other locations were recorded.

‘Pura vida Ibiza’ is directed and photographed by the veteran operator Gernot Roll, author of the photography of ‘Der bewegte Mann’ (1994) and ‘Nirgendwo in Afrika’ (2001). Academy Award winning German film by Óscar for Best Foreign Language Film. According to producer Reinhard Kloos (responsible for the Munich-based company Odeon Film), ‘Pura vida Ibiza’ was intended to show the “summer feeling” of the island and reflect “the difference between Ibiza on holiday and the day-to-day life.”

The film had a budget of three million euros and was released in Germany on the 12th of February 2004, also screened in Greece and Hungary. The DVD release is edited with the alternative title of ‘Pura vida Ibiza – Die Mutter aller Partys’

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of the production company Filmótica.


Diario de Ibiza. Article by Enric Fernández. September 23, 2003.



  • Producer Clasart Film, TV Produktions GmbH and Odeon Film. (Germany)
  • Director Gernot Roll
  • Photography Gernot Roll
  • Art Direction Claudia Kühlke
  • Edition Moune Barius
  • Music Heinrich Kunkel
  • Sound designer Benedikt Just
  • Casting Kristian Erik Kiehling, Michael Krabbe, Tom Wlaschiha, Julia Dietze, Katja Flint, Victor Schefé, Judith Richter, Maxi Warwel, Horst Krause, Hilmi Sözer, Tom Gerhardt y Niels Bruno Schmidt