Podría suceder

Podría suceder. 2012.

  • Director: José Luis Mir
  • Duration: 17 minutes
  • Genre: comedy
Synopsis: Relationships are not always what they seem to be or end up as one would like.


Seventh piece of work from José Luis Mir which premiered at the Mostra de Curts Festes of Sant Bartomeu 2011. A comedy that reflects on relationships of couples and friendship among men, filmed in Sant Antoni de Portmany and Sant Agustí. A good selection of songs for the soundtrack, mixed by John Trafford.

Commentary written by Juan Marí Susierra, from the production company Incortum.



  • Producer Deunoscuantos Producciones (Spain)
  • Director José Luis Mir
  • Photography Jaime Marí
  • Edition Manolo Malone
  • Sound designer Toni Cardona
  • Casting Juanjo Roig, Enrique Sánchez, Juanjo Ribera y Mercé Pellicer