People. 2004.

  • Director: Fabien Onteniente
  • Duration: 87 minutes
  • Genre: comedy
Synopsis: Arthus of Poulignac is the great chamberlain of the "jet-set" in Paris. However, an unfortunate accident turns him into the laughingstock of Paris. Thereafter, all doors are closed for him and his "friends" avoid him. So Arthus decides to go to Ibiza to start from scratch and plan his revenge against those who have betrayed him.


After the commercial success of the film ‘Jet Set’ (2000), satirizing French high society, director Fabien Onteniente decided to make a sequel, set in the world of the Ibizan nightclubs. In ‘People’, some characters that were involved in his previous movie made an appearance. French actor Jose Garcia, from Spanish origins, was the one who suggested to Onteniente to develop most of the story in Ibiza.

With a budget of 13 million euros, filming on the island began on October 6, outside the club Amnesia (although bad weather forced them to stop filming that day), and lasted until mid-November 2003. In the film images of the airport es Codolar, es Cavallet Beach, Ibiza town, several nightclubs and luxurious houses in the inland of the island can be seen.

The scene where the gay wedding is held if one of the most important scenes of ‘People’. The sequence was shot in the Paseo Vara de Rey and 210 people participated as extras.

To achieve the proper interpretation to give credibility to the atmosphere of the film (shot in autumn and with the film setted in the summer months) an audition was held for three days in several hotels on the island, to which about 600 people showed up.

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of the production company Filmótica.


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  • Producer Mandarin Films, M6 Films y DH Film Service (France) y Morena Films (Spain)
  • Director Fabien Onteniente
  • Photography Josep M. Civit
  • Art Direction Pepón Sigler
  • Edition Vincent Tabaillon
  • Music Varios autores
  • Sound designer Olivier Le Vacon
  • Casting Rupert Everett, José Garcia, Patrice Cols, Rossy de Palma, Ornella Muti, Elie Semoun, Bernard Farcy, Jean-Claude Brialy, Miglen Mirtchev, Marisa Berenson, Lambert Wilson, Patrick Mille, Philippe Laudenbach, Marianne Brandstetter, Emmanuel de Brantes, Henry-Jean Servat, Nicole Gueden, María Jurado e Inna Zobova