Malson. 2005.

  • Director: Joan Manuel Matoses
  • Duration: 4 minutes
  • Genre: drama-en
Synopsis: Year 1005 BC. A castaway reaches the coast of Ibiza. He is exhausted. He's falling asleep. He has a nightmare.


Short film shot in Sa Caleta and the old Archaeological Museum of Dalt Vila. It reflects the contrast between the nature of the beautiful island and the constructions and abandoned buildings. The director cleverly portrays the buildings in black and white to enhance the deterioration.

Comment written by Julio Arche Gómez, from the production company Incortum.



  • Producer DePas©Produccions (Spain)
  • Director Joan Manuel Matoses
  • Photography Joan Manuel Matoses
  • Edition Joan Manuel Matoses
  • Music Joan Manuel Matoses
  • Sound designer Joan Manuel Matoses
  • Casting Doménec Boronat