Los crímenes del Día de Todos los Santos

Los crímenes del Día de Todos los Santos. 2013.

  • Director: Héctor Escandell, Vicente Torres
  • Duration: 22 minutes
  • Genre: terror-en
Synopsis: The wedded couple Hans and Liliane Van Hausen arrive at Ibiza by the end of October 1971 with the intention to spend a few wonderful days on the island. One night, driving along a winding road in the search of a friend's house, their car breaks down. Completely disorientated, the Van Hausen are left with the only help of the Den Gall, an elderly couple who live in a cottage in the woods.


Presented by Ibiza resident filmmaker Antonio Isasi, this short film, apparently based on a true story, is set in the Ibiza of the 70s. A time where the island had not yet lost its rural character and distrust towards tourist. A stunning and accurate reconstruction of the rural Ibiza at that time.

The short film was nominated in 18 festivals, including: Short Film Corner Cannes 2013, Sitges 2013 and Mexican Morbid 2013. Receiving several awards at festivals: Jury Awards at the Nevermore Film Festival North Carolina 2014, Audience Awards at the Nevermore Film Festival North 2014 Carolina, Best Slasher Short Film at the International Horror Hotel Film Festival and Convention in Cleveland 2014 and Best Short Film at the 2013 Hemoglozine Ciudad Real.

Commentary written by Juan Marí Susierra, from the production company Incortum.


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  • Producer Héctor Escandell and Vicente Torres (Spain)
  • Director Héctor Escandell, Vicente Torres
  • Photography Marco T. Walker
  • Art Direction Adrián Cardona
  • Edition M. Buñep
  • Music Germán Escandell
  • Sound designer Fady Khazaal y Patricia Bercebal
  • Casting Ana Vide, Alexander Mart, Miquel Riera, Francisca Salvadó, Pep Noguera, Antonio Isasi, Roger Riera, Joan Prats, Xicu Escandell, Vicente Torres y Cayetano Miró