Les veus de Peralta

Les veus de Peralta. 2013.

  • Director: Ramon Mayol
  • Duration: 39 minutes
  • Genre: documentary
Synopsis: Through several concerts and a tribute to its founders, this documentary commemorates the 70th anniversary of the formation of Cor de Sant Carles.


Documentary about the oldest choir of Ibiza, Cor de Sant Carles, created in 1942.

‘Les veus de Peralta’ is a years review of the choirs conception, in which fragments of several concerts in 2012 are included, as well as a tribute to the founders: a group of residents of Sant Carles and the priest Bartomeu i Ferrer Ribas.


Diario de Ibiza. July 27, 2013.



  • Producer Eivisual Productora (Spain)
  • Director Ramon Mayol
  • Photography Ramon Mayol
  • Edition Ramon Mayol
  • Sound designer Ramon Mayol
  • Casting Componentes del Cor de Sant Carles