Las calientes suecas de Ibiza

Las calientes suecas de Ibiza. 1981.

  • Director: Gérard Loubeau and Antonio Molino Rojo
  • Duration: 85 minutes
  • Genre: erotic-en
Synopsis: Six Swedish girls decide to gather money together for some holidays in Ibiza, but one of them is robbed and she loses all her money and documentation. They are welcomed by a woman who takes care of a cottage and they decide to find a job on the island in order to finish their vacation.


Co-produced by the Catalan company ‘Producciones Balcázar’ and the Swiss company Elite Films. Both production studios had already funded, independently, two films in Ibiza ‘Immoral’ (1974), directed by Alfonso Balcazar and ‘Gefangene Frauen’ (1980) by Erwin C. Dietrich.

‘Sechs Schwedinnen im Pensionat’ (1979), ‘Sechs Schwedinnen von der Tankstelle’ (1980) and ‘Sechs Schwedinnen auf der Alm’ (1983). ‘Schwedinnen Sechs auf Ibiza’ was released in Spanish cinemas under the title ‘Las calientes suecas de Ibiza’ being the third film of the tetralogy brought by the Swiss director and producer Erwin C. Dietrich, who found the inspiration from the alleged sexual freedom of Nordic women. The film exploits the image of the island of Ibiza as a sexual paradise, as it can be seen in the following texts drawn from the Spanish advertising guide of film: “We are aware of the advertising about Ibiza that exist in both Spanish and foreign magazines. This has reached a point where Ibiza sounds like a myth, as it if were a paradise of freedom “(…)” Six Swedish girls willing to do anything in a wonderfully erotic island!”

Although it is not clear, it is possible that ‘Las calientes suecas de Ibiza’ was directed by Gérard Loubeau (under the pseudonym Charles Parrish) and the Spanish Antonio Molino Rojo (as Red Mills). The movie has both an erotic version and another more explicit version (in terms of porn). Loubeau has an extensive filmography as a director of photography and producer. Antonio Molino Rojo played in several “spaghetti western“ in Spain and also directed the erotic movie ‘Bragas húmedas’ (1984). In the movie ‘Las calientes suecas de Ibiza’, Molino Rojo briefly makes an appearance as an actor in a scene filmed in the restaurant La Dida, Barcelona. The Spanish director played as the owner of the restaurant where the Swedish girls go looking for a job. Unlike most of the other scenes in the movie, in this one there is no nudity to be seen, it was shot in a different way, without using any kind of zoom to bring in or out the viewer of the main picture. This leads to believe that Molino Rojo acted and directed that scene, while Loubeau was the author of the rest of the film. At the same time of shooting ‘Las calientes suecas de Ibiza’, ‘Ibiza al desnudo’ (1982) was also being shot, film directed by Gerard Loubeau and released a year later with similar localizations, cast members and with the same crew members.

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of production studio Filmótica.



  • Producer Producciones Balcázar (Spain) y Elite Film (Switzerland)
  • Director Gérard Loubeau and Antonio Molino Rojo
  • Photography Peter Baumgartner
  • Art Direction Marta Cabezas
  • Edition José María Aragonés
  • Music Walter Baumgartner
  • Sound designer Voz de España
  • Casting Marianne Aubert, Kitty Hilaire, Laurence Eymard, Lidia Ordóñez, Olinka Hardiman, Dominique Saint Claire, Roman Huber, Eric Falk, Javier Bolinches, Lucio Rodríguez, Patricia Sejoune, Ferndando del Río, Gabriel Pontello y Alban Ceray