La migración de la rosa

La migración de la rosa. 1995.

  • Director: Enrique Villalonga
  • Duration: 12 minutos
  • Genre: drama-en
Synopsis: One cold night, a man waits by the lighthouse for the return of the woman he loves, remembering the moments he spent with her in a cold night next to a lighthouse.


This short film was premiered on local TV ‘Canal Mediterráneo’ in 1995.

This first work of the director achieved both national and international film screening. He was selected in the cycle “Cine a la carta”, organized by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, ​that allowed screening in Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam and Marrakech. The short film was shot in the port of Ibiza and in a country house of Sant Carles.

Commentary written by Juan Marí Susierra, from production studio Incortum.



  • Producer TimeLapse (Spain)
  • Director Enrique Villalonga
  • Photography Toni Tur Costa
  • Art Direction Àngels Martínez
  • Edition Mireia Costa
  • Sound designer Jordi Guasch
  • Casting Juanjo Torres y María José Vidal