Kevin and Perry Go Large

Kevin and Perry Go Large. 2000.

  • Director: Ed Bye
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Genre: comedy
Synopsis: Kevin y Perry son dos adolescentes en plena efervescencia sexual, que sueñan con acostarse con mujeres y alcanzar la fama con sus grabaciones musicales caseras. Para lograr sus objetivos, se van a Ibiza, donde coincidirán con un famoso DJ llamado Eyerball Paul. A partir de entonces, Kevin y Perry tratarán de convencerlo para que escuche una cinta grabada por ellos.


This is a comedy inspired by the television character “Kevin Patterson” created and starred by Harry Enfield for the British sketch programm ‘Harry Enfield’s Television Program’, which began its broadcast in 1990 by the second channel of the BBC. “Kevin Patterson” became one of the most popular characters in British television and inspired the creation of this film, written by David Cummings.

‘Kevin and Perry Go Large’ also counts with the participation of Welsh actor Rhys Ifans, who also took part in other films like ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1′ (2010) and The Amazing Spider-Man’ (2012). He starred ‘Mr Nice’ (2010), based on the biography of Howard Marks, a controversial marijuana dealer. Marks lived in Ibiza and Mallorca, although in ‘Mr Nice’ all footage are of the capital of the Balearic Islands.

‘Kevin and Perry Go Large’ was distributed in Spain under the title ‘Kevin i Perry: ¡Hoy mojamos!’. The film was shot in England and Ibiza. In the film there is footage of the outside part of Es Codolar airport, Santa Eulària des Riu, Benirràs Beach, the Amnesia club, the Marina district, the port, and the Es Botafoch lighthouse. The shooting began on August 30 1999 in Ibiza, involving more than 300 extras from the local area.

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of production studio Filmótica.


Diario de Ibiza. By Xico Luy. August 30, 1999.



  • Producer Tiger Aspect Pictures
  • Director Ed Bye
  • Photography Alan Almond
  • Art Direction Tom Brown
  • Edition Mark Wybourn
  • Music Cecily Fay y Philip Pope
  • Sound designer Matt Grimes
  • Casting Harry Enfield, Kathy Burke, Rhys Ifans, Laura Fraser, James Fleet, Louisa Rix, Tabitha Wady, Paul Whitehouse, Natasha Little, Anna Shillinglaw, Badi Uzzaman, Sam Parks, Kenneth Cranham, Mark Tonderai, Patsy Byrne, Amelia Curtis, Christopher Ettridge, Frank Harper, Rupert Vansittart, Steven O’Donnell, Shugs, James Dark, James Murray, Steve McFadden, Jo Burton, Kerry Burton, Ed Bye, Donna Ewin, Joe Gunn, Lynne Hazelden, Iain Hoskins, Elliot Joseph, José Antonio Romero, Owen Schumacher, Christian Simpson y Kate G. Smith