Idò mata’l (Una historia de gàngsters pagesos)

Idò mata’l (Una historia de gàngsters pagesos). 2005.

  • Director: Javier Riera
  • Duration: 22 minutes
  • Genre: comedy
Synopsis: The life of Juanito "es Mut" hangs by a thread while he maintains a fierce dialectical struggle with el gran capo. Will he survive?


Short film full of tributes to great directors, Tarantino, Coppola, Scorsese, gather many pieces of their legendary films. A story of a group of gangsters “payeses” who decide to kill one of the members of the clan, under the orders of a big boss. Shot in the fields of the inland of the island. Took part in the VIII Mostra de curtmetratges Festes of Sant Bartomeu 2005, winning the audience award.

Comment written by Julio Arche Gómez, from the production company Incortum.



  • Producer Jara Studio (Spain)
  • Director Javier Riera
  • Photography Julio Arche
  • Art Direction José Tauste
  • Edition Javier Riera
  • Music Paul Alcaide, Alba Chacón y Xico Torres
  • Sound designer Sergio Escriche
  • Casting Xavi Ramon, David Llabrés, Alfredo Marí, Javier Riera y Vicente Torres