Ibiza al desnudo

Ibiza al desnudo. 1982.

  • Director: Gérard Loubeau
  • Duration: 85 minutes
  • Genre: erotic-en
Synopsis: Three hooligans see how a father of a family leaves his country-side house and they take advantage of his absence to try to have some sadistic fun sadistically the wife, the daughter, the maid and a friend of the family. Once the husband returns, after having been with his lover, his wife tries to hide what had happened but he discovers the truth when he sees a home video recorded by the intruders having their fun moment.


‘Las calientes suecas de Ibiza’ (1981) was being made in paralel, with the same crew and several cast members, the feature film ‘Ibiza al desnudo was held’. Some of the scenes of both films were shot in the same locations with few variations. For example, in the two films there is a night scene filmed in an Ibizan nightclub where we see the same actors, some dressed differently according to the scenes of the film. There is also a shot of the outside of the hall where the camera is located in the same position, with some repeating elements (a car, the doorman of the club), slightly differing by the costumes and the performances of the actors. In another part of the film a similar scene is included that also appeared in ‘The Swedish hot Ibiza’. The two films also have some sequences shot in a house near Cala d’Hort and on a boat that also appears in erotic production ‘Heisses Pflaster Ibiza’ (1980).

Both ‘Heisses Pflaster Ibiza’ and ‘Las calientes suecas de Ibiza’ and ‘Ibiza al desnudo’ have two versions and with the name of the island as a publicity stunt.

In the case of ‘Ibiza al desnudo’, it was published in Spain in 1983 in Betamax format with its original title in Spanish. Later, in 1985 it was published in VHS with the name ‘Porno in Ibiza’. And in 1987 it was reedited in the same format under the title ‘Sexy corrupción in Ibiza’. According to the internet database IMDB it has been distributed internationally as’ Heisser Sex auf Ibiza ‘(Germany),’ Nach Ibiza der Liebe wegen ‘(Switzerland),’ Hot Sex in Ibiza ‘(United States),’ Sesso Caldo a Ibiza ‘(Brazil) and ‘Hot Summer in Ibiza’ (Europe).

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of production studio Filmótica.




  • Producer Producciones Balcázar (Spain) and Elite Film (Switzerland)
  • Director Gérard Loubeau
  • Photography Peter Baumgartner
  • Art Direction Marta Cabezas
  • Edition José María Aragonés
  • Music Walter Baumgartner
  • Sound designer Voz de España
  • Casting Marianne Aubert, Kitty Hilaire, Laurence Eymard, Lidia Ordóñez, Olinka Hardiman, Dominique Saint Claire, Roman Huber, Eric Falk, Javier Bolinches, Lucio Rodríguez, Patricia Sejoune, Fernando del Río, Gabriel Pontello y Alban Ceray