Hey DJ

Hey DJ. 2003.

  • Director: Miguel Delgado y Jon Jacobs
  • Duration: 78 minutes
  • Genre: drama-en
Synopsis: "Hound Dog" a very similar image to Elvis Presley's image. His dream is to achieve fame as a DJ and for that he will try to enter the club scene, travelling and visiting famous clubs in Miami and Ibiza, where he listen to the advice of the best DJs in the world. On this path to fame, Hound Dog meets Roxy, the woman who will become the love of his life.


The English actor, screenwriter, producer and director Jon Jacobs stars in this film set in leading electronic music clubs. In addition to his film activities, Jacobs achieved certain notoriety by selling virtual property in an online game called Entropia Universe. In 2010, a Russian businessman bought from Jacobs the Club Neverdie, worth 335. 000 dollars, becoming the most expensive commercial transaction, to date, purchasing a virtual space. The game Entropia Universe appears briefly in a scene of ‘Hey DJ’.

The movie is filmed in famous nightclubs of Miami and Ibiza. From the island several surroundings can be seen, such as the outside of the airport, the Marina district and the stretch of Vila as well as some beaches, hotels and local restaurants.

The film features the collaborations of popular the DJs Pete Tong, Tiesto, Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell, Bob Sinclair, Robbie Riviera, Spankox, Junio Jack, Carl Cox, Marco V, Anne Savage, KEvens, Marc Aurel, Lisa Lashes, Agostino Carollo, Kai Tracid, Chris Cox, Ivano Bellini, Oscar G, Michael Cristopher and Monica X.

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of the production company Filmótica.





  • Producer Golden Shadow Pictures (USA) and Everness (Italia)
  • Director Miguel Delgado y Jon Jacobs
  • Photography Edgar Cabral y Augusto Gallardo
  • Edition Miguel Delgado y Agostino Carollo
  • Music Paul Inder
  • Sound designer Michael McNamee y Rob Freeman
  • Casting Jon Jacobs, Charlotte Lewis, Tina Leiu, Terry Camilleri, Ivelin Giro, Veronica Gray, Luis Puig, Joe Chavez, Mara Zauska, Martika Palma, Martha Ocampo, Susan Flynn, Sasha Jovanovich, Taliesin Jacobs, Zoe Robbins, Rebeka Dremelj, Giles Sawney, Joe Hanely, James Ricardo y Heidemarie Fuentes