Heisses Pflaster Ibiza

Heisses Pflaster Ibiza. 1980.

  • Director: Reiner Brönneke
  • Duration: 78 minutes
  • Genre: erotic-en
Synopsis: The beautiful secret agent X07 saves the life of the agent 0.N.Y.X when his eventual lover tries to assassinate him. After thanking the noble gesture with his exceptional lovemaking skills, the agents ONYX and X07 are involved in an explosive plot, full of chases, shootouts and beautiful but deadly women in the burning island of Ibiza. To stay alive, the two agents have to test their wits and their most secret qualities...


The Spanish-German co-production with erotic character also featured a pornographic version. ‘Heisses Pflaster Ibiza’, also known with the alternative title ‘Kesse Kurven und Kanaillen’, was filmed in Ibiza, possibly in 1980. The film shows images of Pont Vell in Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza Nueva Marina and the neighborhoods of Marina and Dalt Vila in the capital of the island. There are also scenes that were filmed in chalets, a nightclub, several inland landscapes and the coastal of Ibiza. Some sequences were shot aboard a small sailboat with oriental ornamentations that also appears in ‘Las calientes suecas de Ibiza’ (1981) and ‘Ibiza al desnudo’ (1982), two erotic productions that were shot later on the island with both explicit and non-explicit versions.

‘Heisses Pflaster Ibiza’ is starred by famous porn actress Gina Janssen. She appears in the credits under the pseudonym Jansson. The film is written and directed by Reiner Brönneke, who also played a brief role in the film. Brönneke also worked as a voice actor of German versions of the television series ‘The Untouchables’ (1959-1963) and ‘Sesame Street’, created in 1969, where he put his voice to the actor and director Jim Henson, who brought life to Piggie, the Fozzie bear and the Cookie Monster, among other characters.

Although the authors of the ‘funk style’ soundtrack are unknown, it may have been recorded in the Alster Studios in Hamburg by porn film director Alan Vydra for some of his productions recordings.

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of production studio Filmótica.



  • Producer Onyx-Balear (Germany) y Simava (Spain)
  • Director Reiner Brönneke
  • Photography Klaus Paetzold
  • Art Direction Meike Brönneke
  • Edition Klaus Krugmann
  • Casting Gina Janssen, Paolo Juvena, Jack X. Prousse, Uwe Canter, Andrea Werdien, Barbara Bergen, Jutta Bienek, Elena Kasset, Ina Marcel, Frank Morfeld, Hans Kurt Preuss, Sylvia Routier y Paul Winke