Gipsy Angel

Gipsy Angel. 1990.

  • Director: Al Festa
  • Duration: 95 minutes
  • Genre: drama-en
Synopsis: Angel is a famous rock star. An idol for millions of teenagers who copy her "look" and adopt her language. She has everything a girl could wish for with the exception of a true love. Suddenly, her whole life crumbles; she is blackmailed with some videos where she is seen making love with Francisco, a gypsy boy he met on the island of Ibiza. Francisco, who is in love with Angel, admits that he had been paid to seduce her, but he did not know he had hidden cameras in the room. To prove his love, he decides to personally undertake the investigation leading him to unveil a surprising ending.


Film directed by Italian musician Al Festa, who also wrote the cult feature film, ‘Fatal Frames’ (1996).

The filming of ‘Gipsy Angel’ began in Italy in June 1989. The filming in Ibiza lasted for three weeks during August and September of the same year. The film includes footage of the districts of Dalt Vila and Sa Penya and other locations.

‘Gipsy Angel’ is starred by Samantha Luck and Leo Daniel, a popular character of the Ibizan eighties late night. The American actress Carroll Baker, who had participated in ‘Giant’ (1956) and ‘Baby Doll’ (1956), also makes a brief appearance in the film.

‘Gipsy Angel’ had a curious distribution. In 1990 it was screened at the Italian event dedicated to fantasy, horror and science fiction films at Fantafestival. And then the film was distributed in theaters in Turkey and Japan. In Argentina it was released on VHS under the title ‘La seducción de tu piel’.

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of production studio Filmótica.




  • Producer Factory Productions (Italy)
  • Director Al Festa
  • Photography Vincenzo Marano
  • Art Direction Alberto Macario
  • Edition Maurizio Baglivo
  • Music Al Festa
  • Casting Samantha Luck, Leo Daniel, Danja Gazzara, Vassili Karis, Richard Brown, Tony Scarf, Carroll Baker, Tony Scarf, Dario Casalini, Louise Paige, José Valero, Elisa Mainardi, Maurizio Ferrante, Adriana Loran, Barbara Sandri y Maurizio Lodi