Eivissa terra endins

Eivissa terra endins. 2009.

  • Director: Justine Pellerin
  • Duration: 48 minutes
  • Genre: documentary
Synopsis: This documentary shows the heritage, language and culture of Ibiza, through a series of interviews with the locals in one of the quietest and greenest areas of the island, far away from the scenery of beaches and trendy nightclubs.


Documentary shot in Sant Miquel of Balansat and Santa Agnès of Corona, in which the author shows us an Ibiza far from any stereotypes, and portrays the life and customs of the inhabitants of the northern part of the island, a land unknown to most tourists. Without any financial support, Pellerin spent two years filming, and after several years reviewing, in 2009 he premiered a production at the Diario de Ibiza Club in Catalan. The documentary has also been issued in the Teatro España of Santa Eulària des Riu in 2012, an event organized by the Institut d’Estudis Eivissencs, also in the ‘1st Projecte Documentum’ in 2013, on Channel 33 in 2014 and other festivals.

Comment written by Julio Arche Gómez, from the production company Incortum.




  • Producer Justine Pellerin (Spain)
  • Director Justine Pellerin
  • Photography Justine Pellerin
  • Edition Justine Pellerin
  • Sound designer Justine Pellerin