Eccezzziunale veramente – Capitolo secondo… me

Eccezzziunale veramente – Capitolo secondo… me. 2006.

  • Director: Carlo Vanzina
  • Duration: 108 minutes
  • Genre: comedy
Synopsis: The story revolves around three characters: Donato, Tirzan and Franco. After twenty years living in Spain, Donato Cavallo, leader of the ultras of Milan, returns to Italy. He discovers he has a son with a former girlfriend. The truck driver Tirzan, after twenty years in a coma due to an accident, wakes up to have forgotten everything about Juventus, his most beloved football team. Franco Alfano, has a bar and is a fanatical follower of Inter. However, because of Franco's addiction to the game, he is bankrupt. Till one day, luck is on his side and he finds a suitcase with money.


A sequel of ‘Eccezzziunale … veramente’ (1982), starring the popular Italian actor Diego Abatantuono, who played the three main characters. The film was shown in cinemas and on television later, split into three chapters.

The second part, titled ‘Eccezzziunale … veramente – Capitolo secondo … me’, was shot in September 2005 in Ibiza and in different cities of Italy and Switzerland. The part was also directed by Carlo Vanzina, who wrote the script together with his brother Enrico Vanzina and actor Diego Abatantuono.

Vanzina and Abatantuono had previously worked together on a film with a scene depicting Ibiza although filmed in Italy. This film is titled ‘Viuuulentemente mia’. It was shot in 1982 and also well known actress Laura Antonelli makes an appearance.

‘Eccezzziunale … veramente – Capitolo secondo … me’ premiered in Italy on January 20, 2006 and was a blockbuster, raising more than three million euros in its first weekend.

The film is produced by the leading Italian company Medusa Film, established in 1995 and who owns the Group Mediaset, founded by politician and businessman Silvio Berlusconi. Medusa Film also produced the comedy titled ‘Olé’ (2006) of Carlo Vanzina which was shot in Ibiza.

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of the production company Filmótica.



  • Producer Medusa Film (Italy)
  • Director Carlo Vanzina
  • Photography Claudio Zamarion
  • Art Direction Rita Rabassini
  • Edition Raimondo Crociani
  • Music Federico De Robertis
  • Sound designer Maurizio Di Coste
  • Casting Diego Abatantuono, Carlo Buccirosso, Ugo Conti, Mauro Di Francesco, Luigi Maria Burruano, Tony Sperandeo, Nino Frassica, Anna Maria Barbera, Sabrina Ferilli, Silvia Annichiarico, Andrea Appi, Paolo Aquino, Enrique Balbontin, Ramiro Besa, Andrea Bova, Edmond Budina, Sarah Calogero, Costantino Carrozza, Stefano Chiodaroli, Angelo Donato Colombo, Fernando Cormick, Francesco Di Silvio, Vito Facciolla, Gianluca Fubelli, Marino Guidi, Gianluca Impastato, Michele Lastella, Alfredo Li Bassi, Giovanni Lillo, Vincenzo Limardi, Lola Marceli, Nico Maretti, Luis Molteni, Roberto Pedicini, Enzo Polidoro, Antonio Rucco, Rita Statte, Raffaello Tonon, Stefano Vogogna y Riccardo Zinna