Desechos. 2010.

  • Director: David Marqués
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Genre: comedy
Synopsis: In the midst of economic crisis, Kiko and Marcelo believe to have found the solution to their economic problems by re-letting a room in their house in Ibiza ... As the apartment only has two rooms, they recondition a cupboard of the house to make it as a small room. After several failed intents to let the room comes Soto, a strange character who not only accepts to live in the small "bedroom" but also gives them the ultimate solution to their problems.



David Marques achieves his most accomplished work with this roll. Brings back usual topics: existentialism disguised as grotesque, rapid dialogues and bitter with social criticism. This film closes the trilogy that began with ‘Cualquiera’ (2001) and continued with ‘Aislados’ (2005). Filmed in Ibiza, like the other ones, and with virtually the same cast. The filming took only 18 days.

This film premiered in Ibiza on 20 July 2012 and was awarded the Audience Award at the XIII Zonazine Malaga Film Festival in 2010.

With a surprising delay of its release of almost two years after participating in the festival of Malaga, tells ua a lot about how hard filmmakers have it in Spain, like Marquis, to make a personal and independent film outside of the industry . Remarkable work from the director and screenwriter who, despite the difficulties, have achieved it thanks to a resourceful technical team and a dedicated cast. Even though it is still a guerrilla film, it competes without problems with better financed and distributed films.

Commentary written by Juan Marí Susierra, from the production company Incortum.


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  • Producer 39 Escalones e Impacto Films (Spain)
  • Director David Marqués
  • Photography Arie Van Dam
  • Edition Adrián Cardona
  • Music Juanma Redondo
  • Casting Adrià Collado, Eric Francés, Guillermo Toledo, Fele Martínez, Fernando Tejero y José Luís García Pérez