¿Copyright?. 2001.

  • Director: Julio Arche
  • Duration: 2 minutes
  • Genre: drama-en
Synopsis: A girl and a boy on February 14.


This short film was originally intended for a presentation in a festival of 2 minutes short films. With this limitation the director creates his debut, which reflects the intricacies of relationships. It premiered in Sala Europe in Ibiza. It is shot entirely in the Hotel Pereira building, which was later on demolished due to its proximity to the construction work of a main road in Ibiza (primer cinturón de ronda).

Commentary written by Julio Arche Gómez, from production studio Incortum.



  • Producer Incortum (Spain)
  • Director Julio Arche
  • Photography Julio Arche
  • Art Direction Julio Arche
  • Edition Julio Arche
  • Sound designer Julio Arche
  • Casting Xavi Ramon y Olga Arce