Brico Killer

Brico Killer. 2007.

  • Director: Adrián Cardona
  • Duration: 19 minutes
  • Genre: terror-en
Synopsis: Manolo is a hard working at a company that performs renovations, masonry and plumbing, who is being blatantly exploited by his boss. Tired of doing overtime, of customers complaining and not making enough money even for basic furniture in his modest apartment, he finds the solution to all of his problems in a late-night DIY programme


Hilarious short film, causing a long list of theatrical productions on the same topic: peace and tranquillity of the inhabitants of Ibiza and the invasion of tourists during the summer months. Discontent represented in a gore and comical way. In this film it can be observed how the creators were getting starting and learning how to create special effects of gore. One can see that it is nourished by the legendary films of B movies and legendary Factoría Troma.

Comment written by Julio Arche Gómez, from the production company Incortum.



  • Producer Eskoria Films (Spain)
  • Director Adrián Cardona
  • Photography Adrián Cardona, David Ortiz, Jose Carlos García y Mª Pilar Ochando
  • Edition Adrián Cardona
  • Music Adrián Cardona
  • Casting Vicente Pizarro, José María Angorrilla, Juan Cardona, Juanlu Roig, María Castillo, José A. Pilligua, Trinidad Morato, Eulalia Tur, Mª Pilar Ochando, Sonia Cardona, Rocío Fernández, Toni “Largo” Riera, Adrián Cardona.