Aislados. 2005.

  • Director: David Marqués
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Genre: comedy
Synopsis: Adrià reaches the port of Sant Antoni in Ibiza. No one has come to pick him up. He looks for "the french guys house" in Santa Agnès, a village in the inland of the island, where Kike is expecting him to spend the weekend. During those days, Adrià will discover something that could change his life.


Second feature by the director, who also is the second part of the trilogy that began with ‘Cualquiera’ (2001), demonstrating an improvement in execution by its director, bringing better staging than its predecessor and based on an bitter, cynical and ironic script trademark; this being one of the strengths of the roll, along with the solid interpretations of the three stars. True to his style, David Marqués possesses talent within the guerrilla film disguising it as amateur, getting a more professional roll, these virtues improve in his next film ‘Desechos’. The critic for the newspaper ABC correctly defined the film as “the Iberian version of Clerks”.

Acceptance of the film can be seen by its participation in 25 national and international festivals, highlighting Audience Award at the X International Independent Film Festival of Ourense, Best Film at the First Festival of European Film Castilla-La Mancha, Audience Award at the 28th Mediterranean Film Festival Montpellier, Audience Award at the VII International Film Festival “Cine Inédito de Islantilla” and nominee for the Fipresci prize at the 49th London Film Festival 49.

Commentary written by Juan Marí Susierra, from the production company Incortum.


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  • Producer Jean-Luc Ducasse y Enrique González Macho (Spain)
  • Director David Marqués
  • Photography Arie Van Dam
  • Edition Laila Torrent
  • Music Juanma Redondo
  • Casting Adrià Collado, Eric Francés y Jean-Luc Ducasse.