A Tale of Two Hippies

A Tale of Two Hippies. 2006.

  • Director: Stefan Archetti
  • Duration: 87 minutes
  • Genre: documentary
Synopsis: Mora, the fashion designer, and Andrux, the psychoanalyst, are the two last hippies of Ibiza. This film shows their unconventional worlds through fun, insightful and surreal mini adventures.


Documentary was filmed in the town of Vila, the market of Sant Miquel and Las Dalias in Sant Carles, Benirràs, several clubs, as well as several images of the coast and the inland of the island.

The protagonists of ‘A Tale of Two Hippies’ are Mora Omen and Andrux, two veteran and well-known characters of the bohemian landscape of the island. The fashion designer, who worked in a well known bar in Port Vila, ‘El Mono Desnudo’, makes a momentarily appearance in one of the scenes of ‘Summer Night Fever’ (1978). Meanwhile, Andrux participated as an extra in the film ‘People’ (2004).

In the production of ‘A Tale of Two Hippies’, directed by Stefan Archetti, had the assitance of Grenadian artist Pepe Tauste, deceased in 2009. Taussig was a versatile artist, whose legacy is found in various short films, shot on Super8. As a tribute to his friend, Archetti made a 32 minute long documentary entitled ‘Tauste y yo’ (2010) in which images of the artist filmed between 2005 and 2009 were included, some of them recorded during the filming of ‘A Tale of Two Hippies’.

Commentary written by Enrique Villalonga, head of the production company Filmótica.


Diario de Ibiza. Article by Marta Torres. September 7, 2010.



  • Producer Nine Lives Films
  • Director Stefan Archetti
  • Photography Stefan Archetti
  • Edition Stefan Archetti
  • Music Stephen Cartwright, James Cox y P. J. Wassermann
  • Sound designer Stephen Cartwright
  • Casting Andrux, Mora Omen, Djin Omen, Maya Blain, Anna Gläse, David Kar Hing Lee, Massiel, John Moon, Dominique Sanson y Sunset Schnieder