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La mujer en el cine

The role of women in the cinema – what a curious tale!

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we took a closer look at the role that women have played in the film industry. We are seeing an increasing number of women in the  publicity sector, expressing their dismay…

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Portada Un tiempo precioso de Miki Molina

“Un tiempo precioso” filmed in Ibiza: Life’s true pleasure in Miki Molina’s opera prima.

Source: It’s never too late to start living Following a long career as an actor, Miguel Molina decided to take on a new challenge: to write, direct and star in his own film. That film is “Un tiempo precioso”,…

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Documental The Art Life

For the films, a green and sustainable island, and the IbizaCineFest additional sections

As we pointed out in the previous article, it’s time to talk about the additional sections at IbizaCineFest. These non-official sections do not compete and often go by unnoticed, but they have a significant influence when it comes to raising…

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The IV Edition of IbizaCineFest is here!

As we have at the start of every year since this the inception of IbizaCineFest, we await with excitement the arrival of this art film festival and the various screenings and activities related to the audio-visual world that will take…

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Gala Ibicine 5

Ibicine Gala 2019: A Very Feminist Edition

A few months ago we dedicated an article to the 3rd Edition of the Ibicine Festival that has taken place throughout this year, with the progressive selection of the short film finalists. On November 16th, the Astarte Awards ceremony took…

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Fotograma película El club de los poetas muertos

Using Cinema to raise awareness

We have previously discussed the power of cinema in raising awareness and shaping thoughts and behaviour, depending, of course, on the viewer. For young people, the influence of cinematic themes has legitimised behaviours and perceptions of reality that would have…

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Jurado Ibicine

The Ibicine Final is here!

As you well know, this year the 3rd Edition of the Ibiza Film Festival (Ibicine) is being held and culminates in November with the Gala for the Astarté Prizes Although later we will celebrate this great event in an exclusive…

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Cartel "Fist of Jesus"

Horror films!

In this article, we want to explore a genre that is not often filmed on our island but is becoming increasingly important due to the number of films or short films based on this theme, the horror film. We cannot…

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Subir artículo agosto ES

A brief tour through Films shot on Ibizan soil

As we’ve told you guys on several occasions, Ibiza has always been an attraction for film directors due to its diversity of landscapes, versatility, climate, the beauty of its beaches and coves, and its easy access to other Spanish and…

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Buster keaton Three Ages

Sant Jordi de Ses Salines leaves us “Speechless”

It would be a total injustice to continue discussing film without paying homage to the origin, to the beginning of this passion in which we are emotionally invested: the silent film. The silent film era lasted from 1894 to 1929,…

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