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Current legislation

Professional activity has a regulatory framework. To shoot in Ibiza, it is important to know Spanish labour and tax law, as well as audiovisual regulations in Europe, Spain and the Balearic Islands.

Labour legislation

Set of laws and rules regularizing work activities in Spain.

See the Labour and social security Code

Tax legislation

Tax legislation and summary of mandatory taxes in Spain.

See the tax law and regulations

Audiovisual legislation in force

European regulations

In December 2007 Directive 2007/65/EC was approved, which provides for the harmonization of national legislation in the audiovisual field.

Download Directive 2007/65/EC

Autonomic regulations (Balearic Islands)

A new law that updates the regulation of audiovisual activity of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands was approved in October 2013.

Descargar BOE, Ley Audiovisual 5/2013

National regulations (Spain)

The law regulating the state audiovisual media coverage and establishes basic standards in audiovisual material in Spain was approved in March 2010.

Download BOE, Directive 7/2010 General Audiovisual Communication (spanish)