La Nave will receive two Bill Viola’s installations, icon of the contemporary art

After the experience of last summer with Keith Haring, the room of art that the collector Lio Malca has in Ses Salines, La Nave, will receive between June 21 and September 30 two installations of video and large-scale sound of other one of the fundamental artists of the contemporary art, the North American Bill Viola. Two of the works most acclaimed of the artist, ‘Fire Woman’ and ‘ Tristan’s Ascension (The Sound of to Mountain Under) ‘, ” that they will invite Waterfall to enter, from a different look, the fascinating world of one of the pioneers of the videoarte and alive legend of the contemporary art “.

The works will appear on a screen of more than seven meters of height inside a space completely closed on the outside and provided with a sound system 4.1 that it will wrap to the spectator. In 2015, Bill Viola created these videoinstallations as part of a new production of the playwright Peter Sellars of Richard Wagner’s opera ‘ Tristán and Isolda ‘ and Lio Malca has chosen them them to present in La Nave: ” Always I have been a great admirer of Bill Viola’s work and, from the first moment that I entered The Ship, I visualized his projected large-scale work therein. This year this dream has made real bringing to Ibiza two of the most important works of the teacher Viola “, assures the collector.


‘Fire Woman’ it is, in words of Bill Viola, ” a vision in the memory of a man who agonizes. The silhouette of a woman appears to cross-light before a wall of fire. After some minutes, the woman advances, opens the arms and sinks in her own reflection. When the flames of the passion and the fever wrap the interior look, and the revelation from which the physical desire already will not return blinds the observer, the surface reflejante does bits to itself and returns to her essential condition of undulating forms of pure light “.

For your his part, ‘ Tristan’s Ascension (The Sound of to Mountain Under to Waterfall) ‘ describes the ascension of the soul after the death, when he wakes up and is attracted towards a waterfall which water rises instead of falling down. ” The body of a man lies on a slab in an empty room of concrete. A few small drops of water appear as they rise from the soil and ascend in the space. What begins as a drizzle transforms in a thunderous deluge, and the water that falls down pushes the inert body of the man, who prompt receives life. His arms move clumsy and his torso arches in the in a mess waters. ”


Bill Viola (New York, 1951) is a fundamental artist in the contemporary art. His works have been exposed in the principal museums of the world and he has received numerous recognitions along his career, as the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Fellowship (1989). His work turns about the worries of the human condition, universal topics as the birth, the death, the life and the transformation that they reveal his interest for the mystical experiences, specially the Zen philosophy, the Christian mysticism and the sufismo. The medieval and Renaissance art they are also present aesthetically in his work, which shows often a pictorial quality and in which the sound, the music, is an essential part of the artistic experience.


The technology is in the work of the artist of New York a simple tool to approach deep topics and a condition inherent in the humanity: the duality. The life and the death, the light and the darkness, the action and the calmness, the force and the tranquility is a game of opposite constant in his work. Works that come from a world that forms a part of the invisible thing.
” The most important place where my work exists is neither in the museums nor in the projection rooms nor in the TV not so at least on the screen of video. My work exists in the mind of the spectator who has seen it “, affirms the artist on his work.








Since he embarked in the world of the art in New York at the beginning of the 90s, Lio Malca has been a collector who has enjoyed showing and sharing the art with the public. Specialized in contemporary art from middle of the 60s to the current importance, the collection hoards artists’ works like Brody Condon, Hung Chi Peng, Quayola, Mark Ryden, Holton Rower, Zilvinas Kempinas, Royal Art Lodge Group, Andy Warhol, KAWS, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Of these last two artists, Lio Malca is considered to be one of the major experts, collectors and lenders of his work internationally. Besides La Nave, Lio Malca possesses a gallery in Chelsea (NYC) and a hotel in Tulum (Mexico), where there is exposed the pictorial and sculptural work of the collection.


Bill Viola (New York, 1951) is a contemporary videoartista.

It is considered to be one of the most influential figures in the generation of artists who use the new electronic audio-visual means.

His works include video facilities, auditory environments and performance and the subject matters turn about the experiences and worries of the condition he humanizes, such as the birth, the death and the conscience.


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