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Ibiza Film Office is a non-profit organisation dependent on the Insular Government of Ibiza, created for the purpose of facilitating the work of companies and professionals within the audio-visual sector that wish to shoot films and series on the island of Ibiza.

On 28 April 2020, the Council of Ministers adopted the Plan for transition towards a new normality, thus establishing the main parameters and instruments for achieving said normality. This process has been divided into four stages, numbered 0 to 3, which must be gradual and adaptable to the necessary changes of course based on the evolution of the epidemiological data and impact of the adopted measures.

As announced by the Government, the expectation was for shootings for films and television series to resume as of Monday, 11 May, therefore these may begin in Ibiza as of said date, with the consent of the Ministry of Health and under the guidelines of the central Government.

Shooting permit procedures with the various entities under local, insular, autonomous and state administrations can be processed as of this date, following the standard procedures, yet it is possible there may be some delays due to the active state of alarm and the suspension of administrative procedural deadlines. 

As regards health security during shootings, the Spain Film Commission has prepared a manual containing recommendations and good practices to help ensure this activity is carried out under safe conditions for all industry workers:

Measures and recommendations for safe shootings”.

Despite all the above, it would be advisable for production companies to request their occupational health prevention consultancy agencies provide them with a protocol that implements the Health Measures which have been recommended by the Ministry of Health in its Guide on Good Practices at Work Centres, for the contagion prevention of COVID-19 within their facilities and shooting sets and locations. 

In this sense, the Instituto Balear de Salud Laboral (Occupational Health Institute of the Balearic Islands) is also preparing Occupational health guidelines for various sectors.

On the other hand, as reflected in Royal Decree-Law 17/2020, of 5 May, the Government pinpoints a series of supportive measures for the cultural industry in relation to taxation in order to cope with the economic and social impact caused by COVID-19 (Official State Gazette No. 26, of 6 May 2020).

Ibiza Film Office kindly requests that the measures and recommendations published to date be taken into account and followed up on since they are subject to constant review based on the circumstances and decisions adopted at any time by the competent authorities in line with the evolution of COVID-19.

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