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Portada Un tiempo precioso de Miki Molina

“Un tiempo precioso” filmed in Ibiza: Life’s true pleasure in Miki Molina’s opera prima.

Source: It’s never too late to start living Following a long career as an actor, Miguel Molina decided to take on a new challenge: to write, direct and star in his own film. That film is “Un tiempo precioso”,…

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Cartel "Fist of Jesus"

Horror films!

In this article, we want to explore a genre that is not often filmed on our island but is becoming increasingly important due to the number of films or short films based on this theme, the horror film. We cannot…

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Subir artículo agosto ES

A brief tour through Films shot on Ibizan soil

As we’ve told you guys on several occasions, Ibiza has always been an attraction for film directors due to its diversity of landscapes, versatility, climate, the beauty of its beaches and coves, and its easy access to other Spanish and…

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The Boom of Ibiza in the 60’s

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, Ibiza is and has been for many decades, a worldwide example when it comes to cinema. On this occasion, we will focus on some of the best films which are inspired by our stunning…

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Miguel Ángel Tobias

Ibiza: the perfect spot for film-makers

It’s no secret that our island has been chosen by many directors when it comes to making their audiovisual stories reality. The beautiful scenery, 300 days in a year of sunny climate and the number of spots available are just…

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The filming of the French-Belgian qualified full-length film Ibiza

Filming of the movie “IBIZA”, Arnaud Lemort

I. FILMING OF THE MOVIE “IBIZA” The filming of the French-Belgian qualified full-length film Ibiza was finished at the end of July on the island of Ibiza. The Executive Production was carried out by Fernando Victoria de Lecea, by means…

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Electronics, photography and painting in “Aiguallums”, Enrique Villalonga

  Enrique Villalonga presents three new documentaries of the series on artists of Ibiza. The director Enrique Villalonga presents in Vila three new chapters of the series of documentary shorts, “Aiguallums” dedicated to the creations of three artists artists pitiusos…

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Günter Schwaiger‘s full-lenght filmed entirely in Ibiza.The Austrian director taken root in Spain, has filmed his first full-lenght film fiction, The diver. The tape was recorded entirely in Ibiza and it is led by Álex Brendemühl and the Austrian actress…

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Barbet Schroeder, the filmmaker in love with Ibiza

It’s been two years since the Iranian director finished filming “Amnesia” The director, actor and producer Barbet Schroeder born in Tehran finished recording “Amnesia”, his second Ibizan film. Do you want to find out what Ibiza locations the director choose…

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REM, film shot in Ibiza

Ibiza, daydreaming island

Xavi Herrero exports the most oneiric Ibiza with its full-length film “R. E. M, rapid eyes movement” We make use of this vacation month to recommend one of these tapes that makes you reflect about. Xavi Herrero proposes to us…

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