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Filming in spain

Why to film in Spain

The filming of series and movies in Spain is an enterprise that generates almost 650 million euros, according to data provided by the digital magazine, Business Insider. According to the Association of Audiovisual Production Professionals (APPA), it could generate 900…

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Cannes Festival, one of the most internationally recognized

Film festivals: much more than a “red carpet”

Very few know the most intrinsic functions of film festivals. Today’s society tends to perceive them as events that serve as cinema-focused media parties or simply as a competitive exhibition space. Actors on the red carpet at the San Sebastián…

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El cine como motor de cambio

Cinema as an engine of social change

What comes to mind when we think of the word cinema? Maybe it’s a way to entertain ourselves, to pass the time, and even escape from everyday life for a moment. And all of this is true. But it’s important…

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IbizaCineFest, ready for another successful festival with its V Edition in February 2021

Before talking about the imminent future of the IbizaCineFest, let’s reflect back on the success of the previous edition. Among other impressive results, we would like to point out that the number of spectators in both short film and feature…

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Ibiza, la isla mágica

The essence of Ibiza in two films recently shot on the island: “El Secreto de Ibosim” and “Los Europeos”

As we already know, Ibiza is a paradisiacal place full of  beauty and spectacular locations – something that has not gone unnoticed by great film directors who have brought their films to life here. In addition to its splendor, let’s…

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Autocine Madrid RACE, el autocine más grande de España proyectando la mítica película Grease.

Enjoying the movies with outdoor theaters in the summer

Drive-in movies since their origin We might think that drive-in theater is something relatively new, but it’s not. The world’s first drive-in opened in 1933 in Camden, New Jersey and was created by Richard Hollingshead Jr. It all began with…

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LGBTIQA + flag

Cinema is fiction but still a reflection of reality: the LGBTIQA+ community in the film sector

One must live the identity that one feels over that which is imposed Different gender identities and sexual orientations have always existed, but this fact has not always been respected. Everyone who has ever felt different from what it is…

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Blacklivesmatter through film

#BlackLivesMatter through film

On May 25th in Minneapolis, an event took place that started such a large wave of fervent protests in the United States that it reached international headlines. We are talking about the death of George Floyd, an American musician who was…

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Cámara de rodaje

How the Audiovisual Sector is adapting to the new situation caused by Covid-19

The audiovisual sector has a strong influence on the development of society, not only because of its cultural, social and political influence, but also because of its size. Source: filmlab Audiovisual production companies, from Hollywood, Spain or different parts of…

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Logo consell d'eivissa

Ibiza Film Office Release

Ibiza Film Office is a non-profit organisation dependent on the Insular Government of Ibiza, created for the purpose of facilitating the work of companies and professionals within the audio-visual sector that wish to shoot films and series on the island…

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