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Buster keaton Three Ages

Sant Jordi de Ses Salines leaves us “Speechless”

It would be a total injustice to continue discussing film without paying homage to the origin, to the beginning of this passion in which we are emotionally invested: the silent film. The silent film era lasted from 1894 to 1929,…

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Ibiza Cine Fest

The Cinema Festival IBIZACINEFEST, what you can’t miss!

The Festival of Cinema IBIZACINEFEST, after the success of the first edition, extends horizons with the same initial perspective to bring the independent cinema over to the public, of author and sometimes unpublished that is not in the commercial conventional…

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Alliance between the chef and the actor

Ibiza, the island of the movies

Robert de Niro inaugurated his own hotel in Ibiza. It is difficult to define in a word what is what so much attracts the tourists to Ibiza. The best thing is that the Ibizan tourism is that it is completely…

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REM, film shot in Ibiza

Ibiza, daydreaming island

Xavi Herrero exports the most oneiric Ibiza with its full-length film “R. E. M, rapid eyes movement” We make use of this vacation month to recommend one of these tapes that makes you reflect about. Xavi Herrero proposes to us…

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Film director passes away

Film director Alain Deymier passes away

“The filmmaker passed away calmly, without suffering, surrounded by his most loved ones on the island.” On June 26, the French filmmaker Alain Deymier died at the age of 65. Even though he had been in poor health for many…

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The filming of the new Lexus spot in Ibiza

The prestigious car brand records a commercial on the Balearic island Lexus is a high-end car brand created by Japanese Toyota to compete against Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi. Its communicative style began being more conceptual, this is the reason…

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The Estrella Damm shooting and Alejandro Amenábar in Ibiza.

In June the spot will be aired on national television. In April and May took place the shooting for the new Estrella Damm spot in Ibiza, directed by Alejandro Amenábar. According to his promoters “The advertisement of this year is…

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Ibiza Film Commission presentation with the attendance of Barbet Schroeder

The official presentation of the Film Commission took place last June 11th in the Island Council from Ibiza. This event was also presented in the new website ( The Ibiza Film Commission has been established with the strong intention of…

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Ibiza, stage of the Estrella Damm spot 2015

After the spots recorded during past years in the other islands which form the Balearic Islands, Ibiza has been chosen as the stage where the new announcement of the beer company Estrella Damm will be recorded. Clearly, the high expectancy…

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Sant Antoni in Original Version

The cinema ‘Regio’ has organized the first edition of the season Sant Antoni in OV. A proposal organized by Incortum and the Ajuntament de Sant Antoni de Potmany that included the projection of three titles that cover different periods of…

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